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It’s been a cold winter but it looks like spring is finally here. Coast Guard inspection is finished, the tackle is tied, the boat painted and organized with a great full crew ready to take you, your friends or family on a great Destin Florida Cobia fishing trip. Spring break in Destin is in full swing and families are here doing some early spring fishing on the Destin charter boat Bounty Hunter.

Destin Florida Cobia





The spring season is a big time for Destin fishing boats and there are plenty of Destin Florida Cobia fish to catch. Spring brings the migratory fish that includes cobia, bonita, king mackerel and Spanish mackerel. White snapper, triggerfish, and amberjack are also on the list of fish that you may catch on the Destin fishing boat Bounty Hunter and a few cobia have already been caught so soon there will be plenty passing through our waters.

If you’re out enjoying the beach you may notice lots of boats with a guy in the tower cruising slowly close in and parallel to the beach. They’re looking for destin florida cobia! Cobias are a large “sight” fish that pass through here each year. It’s much easier to spot them if the seas are calm and the sun is bright. They like to be under or near any structure like a floating pallet or even a turtle. When our mate sees one from the tower he’ll grab a fly rod and “throw” on the fish. He tries to cast in front of the fish and hopefully the fish will take a great big bite. They swim fairly close to the surface and they aren’t real smart. We’ve had them swim right up to the side of the boat where the mate grabbed his gaff and put the fish in the boat with no hooks involved. If you get lucky and catch one you’ll be having destin florida cobia for dinner and you’ll love it! They are great eating and can be cooked all kinds of ways. The end of this week is looking pretty darn good with not much wind and much calmer seas so we’re hoping to hook up some.

We’ve got lots of charter boat bounty hunter trips booked already so don’t wait until the last minute to get your trip scheduled on the Destin Charter Boat Bounty Hunter.  If you want to be sure to get the very day that you want so there is no time like the present to pick your day. Just give us a call and we’ll get you on the books right now. We offer morning and afternoon trips all season so don’t hesitate, pick up the phone and book your trip now on the Charter Boat Bounty Hunter!

Call The Charter Boat Bounty Hunter Now!     850-650-1534

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We’ve worked really hard all winter getting the destin fishing charter boat Bounty Hunter ready for the upcoming season.

In addition to dry docking the boat Captain Mark Walker and his mate Steve Hotvet have done a lot of remodeling to the inside of the boat from replacing the floors, ceilings, building new rod holders for the salon and doing a general sprucing up of the inside.

This winter we’ve also been doing a lot of social networking.  We’ve been busy setting up accounts and pages on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. We want to take advantage of all the opportunities out there to connect with our past customers and connect with some new ones as well.  Check out those Destin Fishing Bounty Hunter sites and add us to your friends/follow lists.





Just a few more days and all the winter boat work on the Destin fishing boat Bounty Hunter will be done. There is still one more Coast Guard inspection to go but once they are done with all of that they will be able to focus on getting our clients some of the best destin fishing.

February 26th will be the first fishing trip of the new year and it will be great to get back on the water and do some Destin fishing.

We are running an 8-hour trip so hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can put some fish in the box.
There is some really good news to share about the 2014 charter destin fishing season. Usually they make us wait until the last minute but this year’s red snapper season has already been set! It will begin June 1st thru July 10th.

They are also allowing all the groupers, except gag, to be caught this spring as long as you are not in water deeper than 20 fathoms  (which is 120 feet). Most of the grouper are in water deeper than that but just the same if you get lucky and catch a grouper in shallow water at least you’ll be able to keep your fish.

Well we are very excited and anxious to see everyone again this year on board the charter boat Bounty Hunter.

We’ve got quite a few trips booked already and we’re getting calls every day. Now that the red snapper season has been set it’s important to make your reservation for one of those 40 days! Everyone wants to be able to catch some red snapper, the signature fish of Destin.

Give us a call now to book your destin fishing trip aboard the charter boat bounty hunter 850-650-1534


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Secrets of deep sea fishing in Destin Florida aboard the Charter boat Bounty Hunter

We keep the fish you catch firmer and fresher with our special technique of storing them for you in our fish box. We  had great success destin shark fishing last year and hope to continue the trend in 2014. We have some different techniques that we can teach that even some seasoned fishermen haven’t seen yet.

Charter Boat Bounty Hunter Guarantee

We can’t guarantee that you will catch fish, nobody can do that!  However, if you’ve got a good attitude and want to have fun we strive to show you the best time that we can. At the end of the deep sea fishing trip when we pull back into the slip you will know that we tried our hardest to do the best we could to get you a good catch. We want your day fishing on the Bounty Hunter to be enjoyable and one you will always remember. We know that especially in this day and age, people like their privacy which is why we only run private charters and we don’t share our client lists with anyone. We have lots of repeat customers year after year.

Charter Boat Bounty Hunter Solution

 The Bounty Hunter is an independently family owned and operated Christian business since 2006. Captain Mark Walker and his mate, Steve Hotvet,  have well over 50 year fishing experience. Mark’s been fishing since he was a little boy in California. He left California and moved to the Florida Keys where he operated a dive shop for a few years before coming to Destin in 1988.  Mark worked on the deck as a mate from 1988-2007. He worked on the deck of the Bounty Hunter the first year he had the boat so he knows both sides of the fishing business. We  provide everything you need for your fishing trip including rods, reels, tackle and fishing licenses.  Just show up to the boat with a positive attitude. Bring what you want to eat and drink and get ready for a great day.

Charter boat Bounty Hunter Credentials

We hold 3 first place awards in the Destin Fishing Rodeo since 2006. Cody Williams won the junior sailfish in 2007, ladies largest red snapper in 2008, and Mike Kitchens won the largest red grouper in 2012.  All kinds of people from blue collar to doctors and lawyers fish with us when they visit Destin.

Charter boat Bounty Hunter Benefits

Captain Mark Walker and crew are there to show you a great time on the Gulf of Mexico. We will teach you what you need to know with patience realizing that there are many different levels of fishing expertise.  We know that you book your fishing trip with great expectations of a good time with your family, friends or clients and we want you to know that there will be no ridiculing and screaming at you on the Bounty Hunter! This happens on some boats believe it or not!

Charter boat Bounty Hunter Social Proof

We have 96 emails from people who have had a great times on the Bounty Hunter.

Charter boat Bounty Hunter Special

Our early spring special lets you bring 8 people on your deep sea fishing trip for the price of 6!

Book now to take advantage of our Charter Boat Bounty Hunter  Special!
Call Captain Mark Walker today!

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Charter Boat Bounty Hunter

Charter Boat Bounty Hunter & Greg Kaake of Fort Walton Beach just brought in a 113-pound bull shark.

Greg Kaake

Greg Kaake of Fort Walton Beach just brought in a 113-pound bull shark aboard the Charter Boat Bounty Hunter

He was fishing aboard the Charter Boat Bounty Hunter with Captain Mark Walker. Captain Mark said it took about 15 minutes to get it o the boat.

“He took off on us, pulled some string,” Captain Mark Walker said. They used a cut bonito for bait on a 15-ought hook with 80-pound test and about 300-pound leader.


As a family owned and operated business, they pride themselves on the affordable rates aboard the Destin Charter boat bounty hunter. Captain Mark Walker and his mate are currently offering a special of 8 hours for the price of 6, that’s 2 free hours of fishing! They proudly offer private charters; the minimum booking is for 6 passengers. You can easily book online using cash, company checks or credit card.


Now that you’re decided on using the world famous Destin Charter Boat Bounty Hunter it is time to get in contact with them.

Call Captain Mark Walker TODAY for booking information, questions or inquiries at (850) 650-1534. Follow them on all of the popular social networks including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for exclusive deals, updates and videos.







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